Set-Up Instructions

Step 1:  When looking at your watch, hold the power button for 3 seconds until it turns on. This button works the same way when turning it off. 

Step 2:  Connect your magnetic charger to the back of the watch and charge it for at least 2 hours or until the battery shows it is fully charged.

Step 3:  Once your watch is fully charged, connect it to the watch band (if it is not already connected).

Step 4:  Go into the app store and download the appropriate app below onto your phone.

App Download Links:

App to Download for GoMove Pro and GoMove XO watch:

F Fit (for Apple)

F Fit (for Android) 

App to Download for GoMove XI watch:

Da Fit (for Apple)

Da Fit (for Android)

Step 5:  Once you open the app and fill out the required fields, select “Click to add your device” and select your smartwatch from the list.

Step 6:  Once your watch is connected you can explore the functions of each screen on the watch and app or visit our frequently asked questions page below for a more detailed walk through of each display and function:

Please reach out to our support team anytime if you have any additional questions that come up along the way!