Set-Up Instructions

Step 1: Connect your charging cable to the back of the watch and charge it until the battery shows it is fully charged. This usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on which GoMove watch model you have.

Step 2: Once your watch is fully charged, connect it to the watchband (if it is not already connected).

Step 3: When looking at your watch, hold the power button for 3 seconds until it turns on. This button turns off your watch the same way.

Step 4: Go into the app store and download the appropriate app below onto your phone using the links below. 

App Download Links:

GoMove Pro 2 (download app below):

FunKeep (for Apple)

FunKeep (for Android)


GoMove XI (download app below):

Da Fit (for Apple) 

Da Fit (for Android)


GoMove Pro and GoMove XO (download app below):

F Fit (for Apple)

F Fit (for Android) 


Step 5: (only applicable to the Pro 2): Go into your phone's bluetooth settings and connect the device called "E18 Audio". This will allow your watch to make/receive phone calls and receive text messages. 

Step 6: Open the app you downloaded for your specific watch. Once you open the app and fill out the required fields, select “Click to add your device” and select your smartwatch from the list.

Step 7: Select "allow" for all prompts given by the app in order for your watch to work properly.

Step 8: If your watch is connected to the app properly, the time on the watch will be correct. It pulls the time from your phone. Another way to make sure your watch is connected is to press the "Find" feature in the app. If your watch is connected to the app properly it will vibrate one time.

Step 9: Now that your watch is connected you can explore the functions of each screen on the watch and app.

Additional Pro 2 Instructional Videos

If you have any issues connecting your Pro 2 please follow the "Factory Reset" video and "Connecting Your Pro 2" video to make sure your watch is properly connected.

1. Factory Reset

2. Connecting Your Pro 2

3. Changing Your Watch Face (Dial)

4. Enabling All Day Heart Rate Monitoring